About Projecto

Projecto Group Established in 1981, Projecto started as a small size establishment in Cairo, Egypt. Functioning as the sole agent for many International suppliers of construction machinery as well as construction materials production Lines.

As the years passed, we gained more and more experience which Enabled us to improve considerably both, our service and our Approach to our market and clients.

Being in an area where economic expansion has been rapidly increasing, It was logical to start to think regionally after being well-established locally.

In 2007, together with some colleagues in Saudi Arabia, our sister establishment Known as Dar
Altakamol came into being.

Dar Altakamol, based in Jeddah, will mainly carry On selling construction machinery as well as introducing other more specialized services such as hydraulic flushing, which will be carried out by highly specialized engineers using the latest needed tools and instruments in this industry.

Lately, we have agreed with XCMG one of the World’s largest suppliers of construction machinery from China, to market their products, mainly piling rigs.

Finally, we realize that we still have a long way to go to accomplish Our mission knowing
always that the best investment will be in improving the standard of our staff by more and more training to attain better performance.

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